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HINO UNIVERSAL DA PAZ - Manifesto Espanhol

Traducción: Ella Moskovics de Milner - HIMNO UNIVERSAL DE LA PAZ - - MANIFIESTO - por Marcos Ungaretti Porto Alegre, Río Grande do Sul, Brasil, América del Sur, Tierra, 04 de diciembre de 2002. EL HIMNO UNIVERSAL DE LA PAZ representa regiones del Universo. Es un modelo para versiones futuras que seran creadas por el mundo. Debe ser arreglado, ejecutado y cantado en qualquier idioma, por qualquier persona, em qualuier lugar del Universo. Su objetivo principal es el de aproximar los pueblos a través de la sintonía generada por la música. Para crear su versión del Himno, el músico escogerá de acuerdo con su visión, ritmos que representen Regiones Locales, Regiones Continentales y Regiones Universales. En las Regiones Locales, mostrará el lugar donde vive (ciudad, aldea, etc...). En las Regiones Continentales, nos dará su visión del planeta. En las Regiones Universales, nos dará su visión del Universo. Así es que cuando yu escuche el himno hecho en un lugar distant…

HINO UNIVERSAL DA PAZ - Manifesto Ingles

English Translation: Jaime O. S. Ungaretti
- UNIVERSAL ANTHEM OF PEACE - It all happened like this... I woke up, grabed the tape-recorder and just spoke the entire lyrics in one single blow. Lately I wrote it into the computer. Then I start sending e-mails to all people whose addresses I could remind. One of them answered me and in a way his words energize me. I made contact with another person, and showed him the idea; he returned the mail with other good ideas. The thing grew up. I decided then to put music in it. Many people began to appear, as if commanded by someone especially to give me the strength to go on. The thing grew up some more. I started the trail and experienced different melodies. And people constantly arriving, and the thing growing up… Well, at this moment, it is already impossible to say how many people contributed with ideas, playing instruments, singing parts or just smiling. What really matters is that the whole thing is there, for everybod…